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Download 17: Headliner- Biffy Clyro

It will forever be a mystery as to why so many people struck off Biffy Clyro as being potential Download headliners, or actually, maybe it isn’t. A lot of people will look at Simon Niel and think he’s a Top of the pops chancer who happened to find himself on the precious Main Stage of

Download Headliner- System of a Down

It has been 6 years since the Armenian Nu-Metal giants have played Donnington, and this year we see them gracing it again for the second time since their hiatus ended. Right away the setlist was strong, they blossomed into the iconic “Soldier side” from the Mesmerize album and then blasted straight into the first track

Download festival – Dillinger Escape Plan –

This is it, the UK farewell for a band which has brought over 20 years of blistering live shows, crazy onstage antics and the musical definition of “Controlled chaos” is here. You can see the energy flowing as soon as the five-piece burst into ‘Prancer.’ Live they are undeniable, and people walking into the tent