Download 17: Headliner- Biffy Clyro

It will forever be a mystery as to why so many people struck off Biffy Clyro as being potential Download headliners, or actually, maybe it isn’t. A lot of people will look at Simon Niel and think he’s a Top of the pops chancer who happened to find himself on the precious Main Stage of our Metal festival. However, the doubters were surely quietened when they tore into Wolves of Winter off of their seventh Studio album and then into the equal parts rock and experimental Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies. They in fact probably have heavy classics more worthy of the Download field than Aerosmith.

A set filled with material across all their albums, as well as the few pop tunes they possess probably proved as an education and a change of view for many Downloaders. To be honest, it may be one of the only examples of completely raw, emotional and heavy post-hardcore music hitting the Download MainStage. Playing the jarring “There’s no such thing as jagged snake” on a stage that big was a genuine highlight, and we can hope it sets a precedence for up and coming headliners on the Download stages in years to come.

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