The best new bands to come out of this years Download

If you were present at this years annual gathering of drunk greebs in a field, you will most likely either have come for the Nu-Metal behemoths System of a down or classic 80s rockers Aerosmith. However there were a whole host of up and coming acts which blew open the minds of those lucky enough to catch them, ranging from the technical to the heavy to the uber-soft.

Code orange

There has been a lot of buzz about these guys, which is unusual for a hardcore band, even leading to members of various main figures (Five finger death punch) donning their shirts. If you were at the tent on the Friday you’d see why. Playing songs from their latest LP Forever provided a great backdrop for knuckles swinging and hardcore dancing galore, whilst all those standing witnessed a volatile and heavy spectacle. All instrumentals sounding as powerful and hard-hitting as they do showed why this band are at the tip of everyones tongues as the most exciting band to come out of hardcore in a while.


From the name you’d be forgiven for thinking these were a balls heavy brutal death metal band, their pop like hooks fused with technical metal and bass slapping sensibilities however will instantly catch you off guard. You’ll be left flabbergasted when you see the soul-like voice exude from vocalist Lawrie’s mouth and able to hit all his notes alongside the barrage of interwoven and harmonic noise coming from the rest of jawbreaking instrumentalists. Brutal are as complex or easy to digest as you want them to be, and as they have that kind of multilayered appeal we can only see them getting bigger, so be sure to catch them on the smaller stages!

Grove Street Families

Early on the sunday, we had Wales based Hardcore chuggernauts Grove Street Families. These guys bring the thrash as hard as the hardcore, and with enough bark in their lyrics to anger a throng of cops and attitude to rile up a (mostly) hungover tent even on a Sunday morning, they are definitely one to keep an eye on.

Moose blood

On the other side of the fence we have one of the new waves of Pop punk bands which rely on more than just big and catchy choruses, but actual interesting instrumentation and a dose of intelligent songwriting that has the ability to retrieve your most fond memories. The avalanche stage blew up with their high energy and nostalgic performance, crowd surfs and and crowd chanting galore. They are making a name for themselves already and will continue to ride the wave of the younger crowd as they have.

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