Download festival – Dillinger Escape Plan –

This is it, the UK farewell for a band which has brought over 20 years of blistering live shows, crazy onstage antics and the musical definition of “Controlled chaos” is here. You can see the energy flowing as soon as the five-piece burst into ‘Prancer.’ Live they are undeniable, and people walking into the tent in the lull before Aerosmith will be confronted right away with their sheer power. Smashing through a greatest hits set as if they’re Black Sabbath, they play a breadth of songs across albums including Black bubblegum, Milk Lizard, Sugar Coated Sour and Limerant Death. Ben Weinemen and vocalist Greg repeatedly hurl themselves into the crowd,although not as abrasive past shows, they give the crowd a taste of the legacy Dillinger has set in place for them

Although not the heaviest or the most technical band by todays standards, this show is a testament to the amazing live energy they fostered over the years. The crowds response when those final dissonant chords of “43% burnt” play out show that there is a lot of life left in this genre, had they chosen to carry on. We can only hope that another band can carry on the torch.

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